Degree Audit & Degree Works

Degree Audit

Degrees are awarded after the appropriate representatives from the colleges and schools have reviewed the student records and notified the Office of the Registrar that students are cleared to graduate. This process follows the submission of final grades and the graduation ceremony.  Students should allow approximately one week after grades are due before anticipating a change in their graduation status viewed in myState.  Transcripts will be available ONLY after degree audit is completed.  Diplomas will be mailed approximately one month after the graduation date.

All transfer work must be received in the Office of the Registrar at the time that MSU grades are due.  Failure to follow these deadlines will result in at least a semester’s delay in graduation.  Any transfer courses completed within the last 32 hours of a degree must receive prior approval from the student’s dean. 

Degree Works

Beginning January 2023, MSU will begin transitioning to a degree audit system called Degree Works. Students who enrolled at MSU from Fall 2020 until now will use Degree Works to help them track their progress toward graduation. Students whose catalog term is a term prior to Fall 2020 should continue using CAPP to track their degree requirements and graduation progress.

Like CAPP, Degree Works will show students and advisors the course and policy requirements for any program of study. The tool will be used during advising to help students plan course selections and to be aware of prerequisite courses, minimum grade needed, and other requirements. Also available is the option to select a "what-if" analysis for students interested in exploring other programs.

The documents linked below will help users become familiar with Degree Works:

Degree Works FAQ

Student Handout

Student Video Tutorial

"What-If" Handout

Advisor Handout